About The Bootcamp

At Solinity, we take the mission of working in senior living seriously, and we understand that working in this industry is a privilege and honor. Serving alongside the incredible professionals and meeting residents and families gives us energy.

We strive to put ourselves in the shoes of the community team members and the residents in order to truly understand what they experience on a daily basis. Solinity Founder and CEO Josh Crisp believes that the best way to understand how to serve the industry is by experiencing it first-hand, by living and working in a community.

For that reason, Solinity Leadership developed the first program in the division: the Senior Living Bootcamp.

Bootcamp is a program that allows industry professionals to fully immerse themselves in the senior living atmosphere. For an entire week, team members are able to live and work in a fully-operational community. While there, they will experience a predetermined agenda that allows them to go behind the scenes and truly experience what it’s like to live and work in a community. They will be treated like a resident, participating in activities and interacting with residents as if they lived in the community. Participants will also gain an understanding of daily operations while assisting the team, from CNAs to the front office, execute daily activities, and most importantly, eat, sleep, and live in the community for the entire week.

This fully immersive experience allows senior living professionals to go behind the scenes like never before. To truly put themselves in the shoes of frontline workers and residents. To observe, assist and understand the who and why we serve this industry.

Are you interested in getting involved? There are 3 ways to jump in on this one-of-a-kind experience.

How to Participate

Apply to experience the Senior Living Bootcamp for yourself. Bootcamp participants include senior living industry professionals who want to gain hands-on experience and knowledge of what it takes to operate and live in a community.

Enroll To Participate

Online Inquires

What does the community team need to know before a tour with a prospective resident or family? What are the follow ups? What is the inquiry process like?

Onboarding Residents

What are the forms, documents and signatures needed to move in a new resident?

Daily Operations

What actually happens in a senior living community?

Sample Schedule



Office management, shadow tours, respond to resident or family inquiries.



Spend time with the DON; learn what med passes are like; shadow CNAs and caregivers.



Assist the dining team with food preparation, distribution, clean-up, and planning.



Shadow maintenance team members and assist with jobs around the community, learn what tasks and responsibilities they have daily.



Assist activities director and CNAs with the preparation, execution, clean-up, and planning of activities. Learn about all the details and decisions that go into choosing and planning activities.

How it Works

Bootcamp is based off of an 8-hour workday where participants report to and shadow a designated authority figure at the community. Participants will learn how to work in a variety of departments, and they will eat, sleep and participate in activities in the community.

Participants will journal and capture content for a recap blog featuring what was learned each day. Participants will submit a final recap blog of the bootcamp experience.

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